IP Litigation

IP Litigation - Calgary, VancouverIntellectual property is seen by many as ephemeral and incorporeal, but that doesn't mean it it's any less valuable than physical property. In fact, it's probably more valuable. Your technology is the result of long hours of hard work, and forms the core of your contribution in business. As such, it needs to be secured and protected in the same way that any other property must be. Unfortunately, disputes regularly arise over the ownership of technology and intellectual property, including licensing disputes with other businesses and/or consumers. The lawyers at Knight LLP can help to resolve such issues.

We have experience in intellectual property litigation and and can offer you expert advice on a full range of issues ranging from designer rights to patents and software contracts. We’re at the forefront of counseling and litigating cases, and devising innovative legal strategies to help our clients protect their intellectual property and further their competitive advantage.

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