Resolution for your Civil Court Matters

Knight LLP has a full understanding in all areas - not just litigation, with an emphasis on the unique issues that arise in civil court cases. We specialize in reaching swift legal resolutions and ensuring you receive the compensation you deserve. Our team has extensive experience in diverse situations including:

  • Commercial Litigation - We’ll provide our expert legal opinion after thoroughly investigating your case and present you with all the viable litigation options and the costs and benefits of each.
  • Property Litigation - Protect your real estate assets from disputes arising from contractors who fail to honor contracts during building or renovating, or from neighbors who are concerned with boundaries and easements.
  • IP Litigation - Intellectual property (IP) plays a critical role in your business's success, so it needs to be preserved. We’ll help settle IP ownership and licensing disputes between you and other entities.
  • Construction Litigation - Since numerous stakeholders are involved and millions of dollars are at stake on every project, we’ll help you resolve disputes on timelines or budgets in short order so your projects can be completed without delays.
  • Class Action Litigation - Our team of experienced lawyers represents groups of people with a common dispute to lower their litigation costs, amplify the importance of their claim, and ensure that all affected parties receive appropriate compensation.
  • Corporate Commercial - Whether it be breached contracts, shareholder disagreements, or debt settlements, we’ll assist you throughout the entire process and deliver results you'll be pleased with.
  • Wills & Estates - Dividing your assets requires meticulous planning and management to ensure your loved ones are taken care of once you’re gone. Our lawyers are experienced in a wide variety of wills and estates for individuals, families, and even businesses.
  • Entrepreneurs & Startups - Let us handle the legalities associated to owning and operating a business so you can focus on profits and growth. We’ll protect your brand, draft employment policies, advise on partnership agreements, and more to ensure your success.

Sometimes, the best outcomes happen outside of court and we work hard to help settle your dispute without costly litigation whenever possible. That includes the use of alternative dispute resolution, mediation, and arbitration. Whether you decide to use one of these alternatives or go to court, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.

If you’re interested in a no-obligation chat about how we can help protect your interests, schedule a consultation today.