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At Knight LLP we believe that to reach a successful outcome we must have a deep understanding of your matter before we offer you our legal opinion. We’ll provide you with a full range of options before developing a unique litigation strategy based upon the strength of your case, your budget and your timeframe. We aim to give you clarity on your journey and the verdict you’re hoping for at the end.

Unique legal strategies

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Commercial Litigation in Calgary and Vancouver

Commercial Litigation

Representation for employees, and small and medium-sized businesses. You choose the strategy that best suits your situation and we’ll implement it with a project management approach.

Property Litigation in Calgary and Vancouver

Property Litigation

Don’t let disputes with neighbours, vendors, agents or building contractors spoil the enjoyment you get from your home. We’ll help you protect your investment and your property rights.

IP Litigation in Calgary and Vancouver

IP Litigation

You've invested time, effort and financial resources creating your software, brands, technology and other intellectual property. Don't let a dispute over IP rights, licensing, or a software contract undermine that.

Construction Litigation in Calgary and Vancouver

Construction Litigation

No matter what the size of your project, if something goes awry we’ll assist you with collections, delays, builders’ liens, deficiencies and other related construction industry issues.

Criminal Litigation in Calgary and Vancouver

Class Action Litigation

We have an extensive track record of administrated cases, and specialize in providing a wide range of comprehensive services designed to enhance the administration of class action legal settlements.

Civil Litigation in Calgary and Vancouver

Experienced and dedicated lawyers

Practising with empathy and determination

Our lawyers have an expanse of knowledge and experience across a number of legal disciplines. Through intelligence and understanding, we are fully qualified to offer innovative, tailor-made, cross disciplinary solutions for complex civil and commercial litigation matters. We are with you every step of the way and are fully committed to your cause.